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Foshan V-Light Corporation. specializes in R&D, production and sales of AUTO IRIS (automatic aperture), ICR switcher module (dual filter switcher), thermal imaging shutter motor and CNC matching processing of core body, solenoid valve, micro stepping motor sets, gearbox, optoelectronic control device, security VCM motor, and ultra-low reflection processing on aluminum alloy surfaces, etc.

  The company's products are designed and developed by its senior engineering research and development team. With the equipments for environment and reliability testing, the instruments for image measuring and other testing, the company implements one-stop service to ensure product quality from parts design to mold making. The company is highly praised by well-known companies at home and abroad, and it can also provide OEM and ODM services for domestic and foreign customers.

  The main products are widely used in cameras, CCTV lenses, car night vision modules, mobile phones, printers, household appliances, laser rangefinder, infrared thermal imager, drones, robots and other fields.