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Application of micro stepping motor on vacuum cleaner

Today brings to you the application of micro-motors in the vacuum cleaner. In fact, this is a relatively common one, so the specific method is still here to give you a popular science: vacuum cleaner

Let us first look at how the vacuum cleaner is applied to the micro-motor. The main reason is that a motor drives the blade to rotate at a high speed, so a certain air negative pressure is generated in the sealed casing to absorb the dust, so the vacuum cleaner is used for the stepping motor. The requirements are that the speed must be high, the torque is large, but at the same time the volume is small. The vacuum cleaners commonly used in the home use single-phase series-excited micro stepping motors with input power 00~1200W and speed 10000~30000r/min, so this one The series-excited micro-motor is harder than the general-purpose single-phase series-excited micro-stepping motor. It mainly causes the change of the micro-motor load to change within a large range when the wind condition occurs, so the micro-motor The change in speed is not too big, that is, we can keep the vacuum cleaner with a better vacuum performance.

Micro stepping motor

If it is a portable small vacuum cleaner, the motor of the vacuum cleaner is a permanent magnet DC motor. The portable small vacuum cleaner is powered by a dry battery. The rated voltage is 3V or 6V. The vacuum cleaner for vehicles is mainly made of vehicle battery or The generator is powered, rated voltage is 12V, 24V, so in our vacuum cleaners, we also have the application of our micro stepping motor.

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