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Analyze the operating principle of steam solenoid valve in industrial production

There are many types of solenoid valves, and different solenoid valves are used in different industrial fields. The steam solenoid valve is divided into boiler steam-saturated steam and steam-superheated steam from the thermal power plant. Steam solenoid valves are widely used in chemical, plastic, textile and other industrial production. So what is the operating principle of it?

The steam solenoid valve is a step-by-step direct pilot type solenoid valve, which can be divided into a normally open solenoid valve and a normally closed solenoid valve according to different opening and closing states when the power is off.

1. Normally open steam solenoid valve, after the coil is energized, the moving iron core moves down due to the suction force, the auxiliary valve plug is pressed down, the auxiliary valve is closed, and the pressure in the main valve valve cup rises. When the pressure rises to a certain value, the main The upper and lower pressure difference of the valve valve cup is the same. Due to the electromagnetic force, the moving iron core loses under the main valve valve cup, the main valve seat is pressed, and the valve is closed. When the coil is de-energized, the electromagnetic suction force is zero, the auxiliary valve plug and the iron core are lifted up by the spring action, the auxiliary valve is opened, the main valve valve cup is pushed up by the pressure difference, the main valve is opened, and the medium is circulated.

2. Normally closed steam solenoid valve, after the coil is energized, the armature first lifts the auxiliary valve plug under the action of electromagnetic force, and the fluid on the main valve cup flows away through the auxiliary valve, reducing the pressure acting on the main valve cup. When the pressure on the main valve cup is reduced to a certain value, the armature drives the main valve cup and uses the pressure difference to open the main valve cup and the medium circulates. After the coil is de-energized, the electromagnetic force disappears and the armature is reset by its own weight. At the same time, depending on the medium pressure, the main and auxiliary valves are tightly closed.

The application of steam solenoid valves has greatly improved the efficiency of industrial production. Many industries have invested a lot of money and technology to study various solenoid valves. It is believed that in the near future, the application range and process technology of solenoid valves will be unprecedentedly developed and broken.

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