Quality and service

Quality Assurance - Reliability testing
Quality Assurance - Software aided design
Product advantage

Wide range of products

AUTO IRIS automatic aperture (automatic stop), ICR switch module (double filter switch), thermal imaging shutter motor and CNC supporting machining of the movement body. Solenoid valve, micro stepper unit, gear box, photoelectric control device, security VCM motor and aluminum alloy surface ultra-low reflection treatment products.

Wide range of applications

Used in camera, CCTV lens, car night vision module, mobile phone. Printers, household appliances, laser rangefinder, infrared thermal imager and other fields

One-stop service

Senior engineering R & D team design and development, from part design to mold production one-stop service. It is equipped with environmental test equipment, reliability test instrument, image measuring instrument and other testing instruments.

Perfect after-sales service

Perfect after-sales service, one-on-one
After-sales service

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